Kelly Ripa’s Star Print Dress

September 24, 2018-

By Sally Steele

Kelly Ripa’s Star Print Dress

Live with Kelly and Ryan September 24, 2018 Fashion

I’m totally obsessed with Kelly Ripa’s star print dress. And the surprise here is that it’s not really a dress, but it’s allegedly slip pajamas. Whatever, wear it as a dress with the perfect blue cardigan over it (details below). I’m obsessed.

At the beginning of the show Kelly talked about her weekend at the fancy Waldorf Astoria in LA. Side note, I think the Waldorf Astoria Chicago is the most beautiful building in the city. It’s a Parisian dream. Anyways, apparently all of the hotel rooms there have an Alexa. So they kept talking about Alexa and each time, my Alexa woke up and eventually was like, “WHAT IS THE DEAL!” My Alexa literally runs the house. If we have some cyber war, Alexa will have the capability to turn on and off the alarm, all the lights, unlock and lock the doors, turn on my Roomba, change all of our thermostats, and basically hold us hostage in our own accounts. Nevertheless, I love the gadgets. Call me a sucker!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kelly Ripa's Star Print Dress

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Credit: Live with Kelly and Ryan Instagram

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