Kelsey Peters’ Pearl Studded Denim Jacket

Younger Season 5 Episode 11 Fashion

Kelsey Peters’ pearl studded denim jacket has such cool, beautiful detailing. Pearl studs were my big thing last year and then I got way over it, and this makes me sort of miss it. That rocker design in the back is softened by the pearls. Speaking of soft, Kelsey really had a ton to drink in Germany and let out her needy, damsel in distress side. However I was confused about one thing. When Zane said that he had to light a match when Kelsey slept over, doesn’t that mean she was passing gas and not snoring? I guess I’ve never used that in a sentence but I always thought that’s what it meant… not that it makes sense either way.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kelsey Peters' Pearl Studded Denim Jacket

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