Kelsey Peters’ Pearl Studded Purse

Younger Season 5 Episode 6 Fashion

Pearl studded everything is majorly in style, and it’s no wonder that we love Kelsey Peters’ pearl studded purse. Last night her BFF really offered her some great pearls of wisdom. While Kelsey was feeling guilty about playing the field, Lauren told her to chill out. Men play the field and are polyamorous as well, without feeling any remorse. Why should Kelsey?

It’s true. I always find the transition from starting to date to being exclusive fascinating. Do we have a conversation? Do we just assume? What if we’re on different pages? I for one am glad I’ll never have that conversation again, but I do get nostalgic about at least having the option of dating more than one guy at a time! Ah, to be younger.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kelsey Peters' Pearl Studded Purse

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