Kelsey Weier’s Strapless Jumpsuit at the Rose Ceremony

The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 2 Fashion

There’s no question that Kelsey Weier’s strapless jumpsuit at the Rose ceremony on last night’s Bachelor made a statement. After all she’s a “professional clothier” (we have no clue what that means but we’re intrigued) so we’d expect nothing less.

Kelsey made a second major statement with the #ChampagneGate drama and the bubbly squirting all over her face after popping the cork on a new bottle. I mean, does it get much more embarrassing? We’d say it doesn’t but at least the strapless jumpsuit she was wearing while it happened matched. And by that we mean the color is literally called champagne. So at least she made it fashun.

All of that being said, considering we managed to find a few sizes of it still left stock, we’re just reallyyyy hoping that she doesn’t mind it if some of you decide to steal this champagne moment.  Or her size in the event the dry cleaner wasn’t able to help her out with the one she already owns. 



Kelsey Weier’s Strapless Jumpsuit

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