Kim Zolciak … And Sweetie’s Ombre Maxi Dress

December 14, 2011-

By Lauren

I knew I liked Kim Zolciak the minute I laid eyes on her. The Big Blonde Hair. The Escalade. The easy on the eyes NFL husband. And I knew I liked her even more when I saw that she lets her assistant, Sweetie, wear her Fabulous clothes. And now I may have to try to steal Sweetie’s job.

Kim Zolciak (and Sweetie’s) Ombre Maxi Dress

Kim Zolciak Ombre Dress

Kim Zolciak Ombre Dress  Sweetie Ombre Dress

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Style Stealer:  

Young Fabulous and Broke Ombre Sydney Maxi Young Fabulous & Broke Ombre Sydney Maxi Pre Order $158

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  1. Christine says

    I would love to find wigs like Kim Bierman. I am a wig/weave/extension wearer since the ’80’s, also a blonde white woman. The selection in Wisconsin is not good, plus I’ve gone down to Chicago and found nothing, except an exact copy of a synthetic costume wig I was wearing that a shopkeeper offered to sell to me for upwards of $300. My little $40 wig must have looked good, but I really believe her wig was on too tight, trying to charge that much! At least, I would like to get ahold of her wig maker, and attempt to make similar ones myself. Any suggestions?


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