Hey Hon, The 2 necklaces Kim Zolciak Biermann wore tonight— the cross and open heart—can you find those and in a less expensive version? Thanks!♥♥ Cathy via Big Blonde Hair on Facebook

Sure Cathy, I found them, and you’ll love them—cross my heart…

Kim Zolciak’s Sideways Heart & Cross Necklaces

Jennifer Zeuner Cross and Heart Necklaces

Sideways Heart Necklace

Jennifer Zeuner Integrated Heart Pendant Necklace Available Here

Silver sideways Heart Necklace

Available Here in Silver

Kim Zolciak Heart Necklace Dont Be Tardy

Large Sideways Cross Necklace

Jennifer Zeuner Large Horizontal Cross Necklace Available Here in Silver and Gold

Style Stealers:

Hollow Heart Necklace

Jules Smith Design Heart Necklace Available Here

Sideways cross necklace

Gold Plated Sideways Cross Necklace Available Here

Horizontal Cross Necklace

Sideways Cross Pendant Available Here

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