Kiss Me I’m Drunk

February 23, 2011-

By Lauren

Original Post 3.10.2010

There is NOTHING like the Saturday before St. Patty’s Day in Chicago. Maybe it’s the Irish in me, but I can confidently say that it is hands down, the best party day of the year. Although I can’t say I have been to the parade, I have seen the green river (although I really don’t know as it was from the food coloring or the pollution), and I have been a part of the most important part: the bar scene. The bars are a hot mess. Everyone in green shirts with clever slogans, with beads on like its Mardi Gras, drinking green beer out of bottles, cans, 40’s and funnels, all acting a fool. It doesn’t get any better, or any more drunk. Chicago puts college campuses to shame with the party that goes on.

There are 2 categories of St. Patty’s partiers. 1- “I’m single” 2- “I’m not single and I’m jealous of everyone who is today”. Today we will focus on the wardrobe of the single folks, as no one really cares what the rest of us dumpy old maids are wearing :-). If you are anything like me, you spend weeks thinking about what you can wear to look festive, yet hot, and then you wait until the last minute and realize you haven’t gotten that T-Shirt made or found that perfect dress. And lets be honest, even if you dress like a 5, you will be a 10 through beer goggles by about 3 in the afternoon.

If you are a jeans and t’shirt type of girl, try hitting up Strange Cargo on Clark and Newport. They have a 1 day turn around for T’s, so if you don’t have anything yet there is still time. Here are some links to a few funny suggestions that will be sure to let the hottie you are eyeing know that you aren’t just a pretty face, you are witty, funny, and not to mention awesome. You can also design your own.

“Where Da Gold At?”–Tee-shirts–Tshirts.aspx

“Patrick Was A Saint But I Ain’t” (Can also convey sub category “I’m Single & Slutty”)–Tee-shirts–Tshirts.aspx

“Scumby” (For the gentlemen)–Tee-shirts–Tshirts.aspx

If a t-shirt isn’t your style, and you really want to make a statement with the men and get some dirty looks for the ladies, try a sexy green dress. If you are going downtown to a club that night, as opposed to celebrating with the masses, these are some potential options to add a little bit of festivity into your evening. Ebay is a gold mine for finding cute dresses, and if you shop online today you can get most things shipped in time for Saturday.

One shoulder is where it’s at these days:

With the dress below, do keep in mind you won’t look as easy as the model in this one if you leave your silver sequin boots in the closet, and can even wear it over denim to the bar. I know most will think this is tacky, but I can’t help that I sort of like it!

Now…what to wear on for the Soutside Parade?

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