Original Post 3.9.2010

Here you are, sitting in front of your computer, left lost and wondering what you will do with the void left in your TV viewing life now that The Bachelor’s journey has come to an end and you spent your first Monday night without Jake. I honestly couldn’t bring myself to watch Jason and Molly’s wedding…Not enough drama and I knew no one was left at the altar(frankly, I liked Melissa better so I just didn’t care). Well you are in luck, because the world has not come to an end! Here are some of my fave shows, and I am pretty much to TV viewing what Rachel Ray is to cooking after having been stuck in my house for the past three months! If you like the Bachelor, chances are you are on my TV viewing level (the first step is admitting it to yourself), so take a look at what’s on my DVR and give these a try if you haven’t.

Guliana & Bill – This show doesn’t look like much, but I must say , Guiliana & Bill Rancic are the CUTEST couple I have ever seen (sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little, but it’s true). I want to hang out with them. Guiliana, of E! fame, and Bill Rancic, the original winner of The Apprentice, are a modern day Lucy & Desi (not that I ever watched I Love Lucy but I feel like that is definitely what they are like). I want to be Guilana’s BFF and Bill is awesome (ladies…he’s a Chicago guy that you will be mad you didn’t run into at McFaddens when he was single) and it’s really entertaining watching the ins and outs of their everyday lives, which happen to be much more exciting than mine. An added bonus is that since Bill is a Chicago guy, a lot of the show is filmed here and I love seeing them at restaurants that I have been to and shopping at stores I frequent! New episodes air on The Style Channel and then re-run on E!

Kell On Earth – I must give credit to Bravo for the newest member of their ever so entertaining reality show line up. This show shadows the days and nights of Kelly Cutrone, founder of the fashion PR company People’s Revolution, which was made famous as the employer of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port on the Hills. You get an inside look at what goes on in the fashion world during events like fashion weeks and various other industry parties. I especially enjoy it because it reminds me of my past life in the fashion industry and all of the crazy personalities and stresses that come along with what is thought to be a glamorous industry.

Real Housewives of (Fill in the Blank) – I will admit that I am a late commer on this one because when it began airing I had a life other than watching reality TV, but now that I have started on it I am hooked. I am a HUGE fan of the OC and New Jersey versions, lukewarm on Atlanta, and recently watched my first NY edition. The clothes, the hair and the drama of these ladies are enough to glue me to the television. Since OC just finished up, catch some re-runs or some On Demand episodes, I heart these ladies. Also, the silly dramas between the women re-confirm why I would rather be at home watching TV then out with a large group of women!

The New 90210 & Melrose Place – I know I am the ONLY person who didn’t watch these shows the first time around, but I’m going for it the second time, and I’m really liking them…Although Mark can’t even stay in the room when I have them on. Well, don’t knock it til ya try it. I am loving the high school drama on 90210 which includes (and old) teens caught up in scandals, pregnancy, drug addiction, lies, cheating(insert things that were not a part of my high school days). What more can I ask for? This flows nicely into the “adult” drama witnessed on Melrose Place.

The Millionaire Matchmaker – I know EVERYONE watches this already, but in case you don’t, flip it on. This season seems to be a bit more scripted as Patty is extra mean and they continue to bring back guests from the past that are total whack jobs (The Cougar and Douchy D), but it continues to be entertaining. The dates this year have included a soup kitchen and moving furniture, so you can imagine that these gold diggers were thrown for loop! You’ll also get to see some sort of plastic surgery that Patti had done in the off season.

So, while you are waiting to see Ali as the next Bachelorette, give these a try…Or get a hobby.