Kris Jenner’s Gold Aviator Sunglasses with Silver Stripe

Season 12 Episode 9  of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Fashion

If I had a set amount of time to raid the Kardashians’ closets, first and foremost I’d go straight for their sunglasses. I’ve spent way to much money on sunnies I’ve seen on the K fam (my Porsche Design 8478 69mm Sunglasses being the best investment of all), and of course Kris Jenner pops up on this week’s episode of KUWTK in the mirrored, bi-color aviator sunglasses that I’ve been wanting for months. My most major issue with them is that I just can’t decide on which of the 5 color combos I need to make mine … Silver and Rose Gold? Blue and Silver? Pink and Gold? Rose Gold and Grey? Silver and Light Blue? What in the world is a girl to do?!

 Kris Jenner Gold and Silver Sunglasses

Christian Dior Split 1 59 mm Aviator Sunglasses Available in 5 Colors

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