Kristin Cavallari’s Blue and White Coffee Mug with Gold Accents

Very Cavallari Season 2 Episode 2 Decor

Who else is super stoked Jay Cutler is back on Sunday nights? And…the rest of the Very Cavallari cast, of course (minus a few employees who aren’t doing their job, praise be). Jay, being the standout star that he is, is still as hilarious as ever. I’m not even sure he knows how funny he is or if even tries to be. None the less, he and Kristen Cavallari are a great team and super cute together, even when they aren’t drinking out of the same blue and white coffee mugs. Their banter is #relationshipgoals for sure. Jay holding down the farm (and that blue and gold coffee mug) and daddin’ it up while Kristin is in Palm Springs is cool and all, but I literally cannot wait for Jay to get off the farm and into Uncommon James, unannounced. Tonight’s episode will breathe life, I already know.

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Kristin Cavallari’s Blue and Gold Coffee Mug

Kristin Cavallaris Blue and White Coffee Mug

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