Kristin Cavallari’s Green and Leather Jacket

Very Cavallari Season 1 Episode 3 Fashion

Take a close look at this scene with Kristin Cavallari’s green and leather jacket. From binoculars to beads that Jay is wearing, this couple is entertainment at its best. I’m not sure why the pitch was to follow Uncommon James staff, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the second season (and there must be a second season) is focused on K and J. See! Even the name is better!

They remind me of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, who were truly my favorite couple. I even bought all three seasons of their show on DVD and was devastated when they divorced. Here’s to hoping that we get the same level quality for more than just three years, and memorable discussions like whether Chicken of the Sea is really chicken or if it’s tuna. I know she got a lot of flack for that, but if you think about it the misnomer can be quite confusing. Plus, she’s a billionaire now so she’s brighter than we ever gave her credit for!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kristin Cavallari's Green and Leather Jacket

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