Kristin Cavallari’s Snake Skin Ankle Boots

Instagram Very Cavallari October 7, 2018 Fashion

With her signature sexiness, sass, and bff, Kristin Cavallari’s snake skin ankle boots on instagram kind of stole the show here. Now to be fair we don’t know exactly what is happening in this photo, but also to be fair, when these two get together some funny, weird stuff is going on. You can tell they’re the belly laugh kind of friends that spend every waking moment together, but even if they didn’t, they’d bounce back together in no time. Kristin loves a mini skirt and is not afraid of an animal print, so these booties are super cool and very Kristin.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kristin Cavallari's Snake Skin Ankle Boots

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Photo Credit: Kristin Cavallari’s Instagram

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