Kristin Cavallari’s White Sneakers

Very Cavallari Season 1 Episode 2 Fashion

If there was one outfit I would pick to wear every day, it would be a shoe like Kristin Cavallari’s white sneakers, her light jeans and baggy cozy sweater. I feel good about myself wearing those kinds of clothes, and I feel comfortable as well. Plus, monochromatic is king for me.

When I first saw this brand of shoes it happened to be on the feet of my husband’s male best friend three years ago in Aspen. He lives in LA and always makes very fashion forward choices, as one would expect. So I saw the dirty shoes and pointed them out to my husband by whispering “wtf is on Matt’s feet?”. Clearly then my husband, a super clean guy, asked “why are your shoes so dirty man?” Matt replied that they are sold distressed. When I googled them I had sticker shock but fast forward three years later and not only do I have a few pairs (only bought on sale, of course), but my mom even rocks a pair now! They are truly comfortable, go with everything, and will last forever since they already come distressed!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Kristin Cavallari's White Sneakers

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