Kyle Richards’ Denim Shorts and Tee on Instastories

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2021 Instagram Fashion

Denim shorts and a graphic band tee is the classic summer look. Hence why we love Kyle Richards’ denim shorts and tee from her Instastories. This is one of my favorite go to getups to throw together. Even though half the time I only know maybe one song from the band/singers tee that I am repping. I’m more just a fan of the look.

Kyle is wearing a Johnny Cash tee here. Which I can proudly say I know (and love) multiple songs of his. So obviously will be shopping the Style Stealers and rocking them all summer.  And as for her shorts, they are FULLY stocked and you don’t have to walk any lines because we have gathered it all for you below.


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Kyle Richards' Denim Shorts and Tee

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Photo Credit: @kylerichards18