Was to so excited to see Kyle Richards was at the Golden Globes! Can’t believe you haven’t posted on her dress yet…Angelina

Well believe it honey – Truth be told, I was throwing a birthday party for my 2 year old, and I didn’t catch a glimpse of the fabulous Kyle Richards on the red carpet until today, because there would have been a lot of screaming if I flipped on the Globes during Micky Mouse. Sometimes the truth ain’t glamorous Angelina.

Interestingly, the designer of Kyle’s gown hit two this week as well. As in his designs have been seen on TWO Real Housewives in the past week. In Big Blonde Hair Blog’s book, that makes him kind of a big deal.

Want to know who the other RHOBH is? Click here …. But don’t forget to check out Kyle’s red hot number.

Kyle Richards Golden Globes Gown

Kyle Richards Golden Globes Dress

Oday Shakar Mermail Gown

Oday Shakar Mermaid Gown

Style Stealer:

Red Mermaid Gown

Atria Satin Strapless Gown $260

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