Kyle Richards’ Starburst Earrings at Lisa’s Party

March 20, 2013-

By Lauren

What about Kyle’s Richards earrings (with the sequin dress)? Leslie 

Well until tonight, all I knew about Kyle Richards’ double-drop straburst earrings from Lisa’s vow renewal party is that I didn’t know where to find them. And then I heard a ding, and it was a light bulb going off in my head with the answer. Well, okay, it was my phone notifying me that someone had made a comment with the answer on my Instagram. But still, it was the answer to my question.

Kyle Richards Double Starburst Earrings at Lisa’s Party

Kyle Richards Starburst Shay Accessory Earrings

Shay Accessories Starburst EarringsSwarovski Starburst Earrings by Shay Accessories

Thank you for the information @SCBREWER via Instagram

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  1. JD Georgia says

    Brandi was wearing the cutest turquoise and gunmetal bracelet at Lisa’a Vow Renewal. Can you find out about it? Thanks!

  2. K says

    And can you please find out what earrings Brandi was wearing as well (the green chandelier she wore with the white dress)?

  3. mEY says

    When Lisa was setting up for the party there was a lady there helping in a strapless, drop waist maxi dress. It was the party planner was taking his pants off to get in the water….Can you tell me who makes the dress or where to find one similar….

  4. Mallery Eisenshtadt says

    Looking for kyle’s diamond star and moon necklace she wore. Also anyone know where to find Lisa’s blinged out home accessories? She has a fabulous crystal covered ice bucket and a Swarovski covered fish sculpture in her house that i would love !

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