Faye Resnick’s Lace Dress at Lisa’s Party

March 19, 2013-

By Lauren

I loved Faye’s lace dress on the newest episode of RHOBH — Turquoise looking dress with nude underneath. Sandra

Many people are voicing their opinion on Faye Resnick after her appearances this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; Specifically last night at Lisa’s vow renewal party. Following suit, I am about to voice mine. Faye Resnick designs interiors and dresses her exterior with equal talent. And she designed this closet. As a girl with a bedroom full of mirrors and chandeliers, you get what I mean.

Faye Resnick’s Light Blue and Nude One Sleeve Lace Dress at Lisa’s Vow Renewal Party

Emilio Pucci One Sleeve Lace Dress
Photo: BravoTV.com

Emilio Pucci One Sleeve Lace Dress

Style StealersBlue Lace One Sleeve DressBlue Lace One Sleeve Dress by Emilio Pucci 

One Sleeve Blue Lace Dress

Wyatt One Shoulder Stretch Lace Evening Dress

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  1. Elinita says

    Fayes dress was really pretty but the minute she opened her mouth and all those ugly, immature, mean spirited words came out of her mouth….the dress was then forgotten. A dress does not make the women….the women makes the dress!

  2. Lou says

    You’ve got to be kidding me. That “dress” looked about 40 years old and the dog had a go at it. Although there is nothing that “women” I use that term lightly could look good in. Old hag!!

  3. Susan says

    At the same party, Yolanda wore the white dress that you have identified, I’m dying to see the earrings. They looked like a tan gemstone in teardrop shape, rimmed in diamonds. Thanks for your help!

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