I’m totally thankful that I decided to post on Caroline Stanbury’s jagged neckline interview dress, because in the process of finding a link to buy her dress, I totally found something new and ridiculous to covet, otherwise known as Herve Leger Barbie. I mean, it’s totally cheaper than ordering a real Herve so I’d say purchasing it is saving money! And really, this is destined to be a collectors item one day, so it’s like an investment. It’s like my husband investing in stock. It’s a total no brainer, right?! I mean look at her…

Herve Leger Barbie

Herve Leger Barbie is Available Here 

(In case she caught your eye too)

Ahem. Now that the Barbie scheming is out of my system, I’ll digress to a dress that also deserves attention, and fits on a life size human….

Ladies of London Fashion: Caroline Stanbury’s Yellow Interview Dress with Zig Zag Neckline

Herve Leger Radiant Sun Ruffle Hem Bandage Dress

Herve Leger Radiant Sun Zig Zag Trim Bandage Dress

Herve Leger Zig Zag Trim Bandage Dress Available Here

Style Stealers:

Herve Leger Ruffle Trim Cutout Bandage Dress

Herve Leger Ruffle Hem Cutout Bandage Dress on SALE Here

Tangerine Bandage Dress

Tangerine Bandage Dress Available Here

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