Lala Kent’s Favorite Self Tanner

June 10, 2017-

By Sally Steele

Lala Kent’s Favorite Self Tanner

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Vanderpump Rules Vixen Lala Kent leaves little to the imagination when it comes to clothing. But, she always makes sure that the skin that shows glows. Lala Kent’s favorite self tanner was revealed on Bravo TV’s awesome segment, “The Lookbook,” and it’s already in our Amazon Prime shopping basket. As someone who is not into putting the effort into looking tan unless it involves some actual sun, this is the first time I’ve considered using a product other than good ol’ vitamin D. So if you’ve used this product, leave a comment, and I’ll let you know what I think as well. This product has pretty much sold itself, considering the fact that Lala’s glow isn’t simply from the LA sun.

Hopefully this will go better than the time Lauren and I went to get a spray tan and the the machine broke HALF WAY through Lauren’s tan (outside she was crying, on the inside I was dying ). Ok so that was mean. Fear not, after a brief panic we discovered that no color actually came out of the machine, so sadly gladly no damage was done. I have a feeling that the fact that I have to apply it myself won’t bode well for my bod, but apparently this product is as easy as it comes, so hopefully the next picture you see me in will be super glowy!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Lala Kent's Favorite Self Tanner

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Credit: Bravo TV Lookbook

And Credit: Brittany Cartwright’s Instagram

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