Landon Clements’ Brown Suede Ankle Boots with Gold Studs at the Charleston Cup Horse Race

on Season 3 Episode 9 of Southern Charm

It’s always a total bummer when you have to alter your wardrobe based on the weather—in Chicago we refer to these instances as November, December, January, Febuary, March, April and half of May—so I felt Landon Clements pain when she had to layer up over what looked like a pretty ivory lace dress at the horse race. But hey, look on the bright side! Her boots didn’t get the heave-ho so we got to enjoy them and she can totally wear that dress again. Like maybe when she needs something to wear during Season 3 interview segements….

(I know, I know, I’m workin’ on it)

Zara Tan Ankle Boots with Gold Studs

Landon Clements Boots at the Charleston Cup

Zara Cowboy Studded Ankle Boots (Sold Out)

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