Lauren Loves Chicago Review: Leah Chavie Buff & Bronze Treatment

August 28, 2015-

By Lauren

Lauren Loves Chicago Review: Leah Chavie Buff & Bronze Treatment

Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique

There are few things that make me happier in life than a good faux tan—yes, I am indeed that shallow (sorry Mom). But who doesn’t look better with a great glow?! And if you’re a follower of Big Blonde Hair you know I’ve tried it all over the past 10 years of my life—the in-home spray tan, the home self-tanner, the home tan-in-a-can, the booth spray tan—I could go on. From my photos you know I’ve been though the good, the bad and the ugly (ie the golden bronze, the tan that just didn’t take and the Snooki Orange). So I jumped at the chance to try out the Buff & Bronze at the Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique in Lincoln Park, based on the reputation of top Esthetician Leah Chavie and her award-winning skincare boutique, and I was happy I did.

Leah Chavie Buff and Bronze
A few hours after my Leah Chavie Bronze and Buff

The Buff & Bronze treatment at Leah Chavie is a combo of a relaxing mini-massage, exfoliation and sunless tanning treatment that is much more lavish than your run of the mill stand-in-the-buff-and-freeze-while-I-spray-you-tan. Essentially it’s like a full-body exfoliation and bronzing treatment all applied via a massage. I had the pleasure of being buffed and bronzed by Leah herself, with the help of her Assistant Regi, who both had strong hands with great pressure that were a perfecting pairing for the super comfy pillow top I was laying on through the treatment.

It was all very relaxing from the exfoliation to the mini-massage to the tanning application. And I also loved that Leah offered advice on her other services that would benefit me, because sometimes when I do spa and skincare treatments I am looking for additional advice on what I can do, but the Esthetician doesn’t offer it up. And I definitely got the vibe that I could trust what Leah was saying and don’t feel she was trying to sell me on anything that wouldn’t be worth my while. She mentioned that she tries all of her treatments before she offers them, and doesn’t offer anything she hasn’t benefited from herself, which I really like.

Lauren Sebastian Big Blonde
                                                         6 Days Post Buff and Bronze

After my application, the color developed well and was very natural looking with no unevenness or drastic tan lines around my fingers or feet. The bronzer Leah uses is organic and actually does not smell and is not sticky (cross my heart), which is something that I have never come across in any bronzing treatment. I can also say that I didn’t shower the night after the treatment— I like to let a sunless tan realllllly set if I can—and it wasn’t all over my sheets, which is pretty much a tanning miracle.

Another true test of a sunless tan is staying power, and although many people go for organic treatments, my first thought is that organic means it may not last (it’s just how I’m wired). Leah’s treatment is organic and did indeed last about a week, which is very impressive. It faded slowly like a normal tan would, instead of peeling off with patchiness like some, which was pretty amazing.

Overall, I definitely give Leah Chavie’s Buff & Bronze a round of applause. If you have some time to relax a bit (the treatment took about 40 minutes), this is a great way to de-stress a bit and come out looking truly refreshed. The boutique also offers a more traditional “spray tan” at a good price which I would be inclined to try because of the success of this treatment. I definitely plan to go back to Leah for other treatments that we talked about. Aging in my business scares me a bit, and in my opinion, there are few people I have come across that seemed better to trust my skin to than someone like Leah with 25 years of experience with a prestigious Lincoln Park clientele,  you know she is on top of the latest and greatest in skin care and anti-aging treatments.

Visit here for more on her services and offerings

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