Why I love this look: Because I came up with it! This tee is part of my Lauren Loves x T+J Designs collaboration. As of late I’ve been loving a graphic tee with a great slogan, which is why T+J and I teamed up. I’ve always loved them, but am way too old to be rocking a shirt from Forever that says “Barbie Girl”(or something), so I’m obsessed with out more “mature” tees that express who I am before anyone even sees my Neiman Marcus bill!

Where I wore it:  These photos were shot taking a break from shopping and showing my two new interns the ropes on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Now that I think of it, I was truly being their “Retail Therapist” (Retail Tour Guide jusssst doesn’t sound as good)! I also love to wear these tees on the weekend with denim.

Inspiration: My love of retail…and my need for therapy 😉

Lauren Loves: A Retail Therapist Tee

Retail Therapy Shirt

Retail Therapy

Shop the look by clicking the links below:

Lauren Loves x T+J Designs Retail Therapist Tee Shirt // T+J Designs

Topshop Snake Embossed Blazer // Nordstrom

Blank NYC Distressed Jeans // Shopbop

Gucci Soho Medium Chain Bag // Neiman Marcus

Porsche Design 8478 Sunglasses // Amazon

Valentino Rockstud Pumps in Poudre // Nordstrom

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