This is not a paid / sponsored review and all opinions are honest, and completely based off my experience. And some of the pics below are mildly mortifying, so I wouldn’t post for something that I didn’t believe in!

teatoxSpring is finally here (sort of), and the holidays and winter in the freezing cold of the Midwest are a nightmare as far as fitness goes. Just this extra steps you miss from walking outside totally ad up, and for me I was coming off a broken toe in September and October where I couldn’t work out. After Christmas I needed a solution ASAP because I was headed to a friends’ Bachelorette party in Miami, and I couldn’t go in my current state. And while this is a bit overdue, I’ll tell you what worked for me.

I don’t believe in miracles and cleanses don’t do it for me, I believe in exercise and eating right with a plan to help. The amount of sugar in the Blueprint Cleanse made me absolutely sick when I tried it last summer, which is why I never reviewed it (I swear I had to be drinking 10x the sugar I normally consume on a daily basis)! SO I was a bit skeptical about a “Teatox”. However, after going to the dermatologist and being told to put tea bags on a skin issue I was having and it working to remedy the issue, I decided to try it because I was getting behind the power of tea.

Basically, The Newport Skinny Tea 21 Day Teatox requires you to drink tea a “Daytime Tea” a half hour before breakfast and lunch and then a “Nighttime Tea” without caffeine before bed. They also include a clean eating plan on their site, which is great for those who need a good plan, but frankly I’m no disciplined enough and I eat pretty healthy to begin with (all whole grains, low sugar, no red meat, only chicken and fish etc). So I just ate as I normally do, but tried to cut back on wine which is my MAJOR dietary weak spot, limiting it to the weekends, which doesn’t sound like much, unless you’ve met me :-). I also worked out (running 2 days per week, elliptical 3) in my normal fashion, nothing too intense. I also tracked calories on the My Fit Pal app, just to take sure I kept things in check.

In the end I only ended up doing the Teatox for 18 days, based on where my trip to Miami fell, and my results are below (excuse the mess(es)) and as I cringe at the “Before” photo going public.

Lauren Loves Review: Newport Skinny Tea 21 Day Teatox

Newport Skinny Tea



Newport Skinny Tea 21 Day Teatox Available Here at Amazon

This teatox worked for me for a few reasons, in my opinion, some are undeniable even if you don’t believe in the “powers” of tea:

  1. The extra liquid I consumed helped fill me up before meals and flush out my system
  2. My recent experience is that tea has definite anti-inflammatory properties that helped reduced my post-Holiday bloat and puffiness
  3. The ability of tea to flush out toxins aided my weight loss (read more here about the benefit of each ingredient)
  4. Actually having a plan to stick to with the tea kept me on track in terms or eating and exercising
  5.  Having my “Night time Tea” was a good replacement for wine and I started to look forward to it
  6. I actually just felt better drinking the tea and I think it made my skin look great for my trip to Miami etc.
  7. I actually felt good about being on a plan and doing something healthy.
  8. It’s not a gimmick-tea is tea. You don’t have to starve yourself, and everyone knows tea is healthy, unlike some detoxes where you don’t eat for days at a time.

The proof is in the pudding, or the tea in this case. I lost 3-4 pounds in under three weeks and significant bloating. I’m about to start my second teatox tomorrow, as it’s time to get bikini ready.

Please comment with any questions. Newport Skinny Tea is available for purchase HERE on Amazon  and at

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