Lauren’s Last Minute Holiday Gifts

December 18, 2018-

By Lauren

Lauren’s Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Okay so I’m a perpetual procrastinator when it comes to shopping. I spend hours and hours making gift guides telling others what to buy and then I have a hard time pulling the trigger myself. So, as I shop for “last minute” gifts for just about everyone, I’m sharing a list of the best gifts I’ve received, gifted or own (so 100% tried and true) that are available to arrive before Christmas Eve {assuming you’re reading this in time, most two day shipping deadlines are 12/20 or 12/21}. I’ve also included as many free two day shipping options as possible just in case you need something for an office party, employee or friend you’ll see pre-holiday! This is meant to be a gift guide for a realistic budget, so most things are under $50 and everything is under $150 and I’ve included kids, mens, women’s and pets! And to re-iterate, these are some of my favorites have bought and have loyalty to all, so it’s not just stuff I think look cute.

Please feel free to comment if you have questions about specific gifts, sizing or need additional recommendations! In the meantime I’ll be scrambling shopping.

Lauren's Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide


1.Quay x Desi Perkins High Key Sunglasses  $48

These glasses are fun and look good on just about anyone. They’re unisex so you can buy them for him or her! I have them in this color and gold and they’re great for a stylish friend as they’ve been seen on tons of bloggers and celebs. Click here to see me wearing them.

2. Nars Climax Mascara $31

This is my current mascara of choice and after all, who doesn’t love a good makeup gift!

3. Quilted Zipper Gloves $26

These are only $26 and so nice! The faux leather feels great and they’re pretty much on size fits all as I have super long fingers and they fit me!

4. Beachwaver 1.25 in Curling Iron $129 

I’ve been using this for a couple years and have never had a styling tool as great at this. I barely ever get a blowout and this has been a lifesaver. Here’s a look at my hair after using it to style.

5. St. Tropez Self Tanner Starter Kit $25 Applicator Mit $6

I have been using this self tanner for YEARS and have tried many of them, and will always go back to this one. Make sure to buy the mitt for perfect application. 

6. Conair Portable Steamer $34.99

This is a lifesaver for the person who travels a lot of just hates to iron! I don’t iron AT ALL and used to have a commercial steamer and this works just as well. But people, don’t you dare get this for your sig other…Get it for a friend people, a friend or relative.

7. Blackout Baseball Cap $32

If your sig other, child or friend is a sports fan, get them a black out cap of their fave team. My husband has a ton of hats, but always likes to get a more fashionable one to wear. I own this one and love it. They also have these at Lids if you’d like to go pick one up of your local team.

8. ESPN Easy Fold Basketball Game$112

While we haven’t opened this yet, this is one thing we got out 8 year old after BBH writer Chelsie reported on it in Melissa Gorga’s house. Bonus, he’s going to think we dropped a lot of cash on it because it’s huge ;-).

9. Spanx Camo Leggings $110

Everyone needs a pair of Spanx leggings, and camo is a fun update. There are also pairs for under $100.

10. Elephant and Piggie Books $6+

If you need to buy for a niece, nephew or even your own kiddos, these books are a no fail. My 2 year old and my 8 year old both love them. Favorites include: We Are in A Book, A Big Guy Stole My Ball, Should I Share My Ice Cream and I Broke My Trunk.

11. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

Looking for a shade that looks good on everyone? Here it is, making it the perfect gift by this celebrity coveted British brand. If you’re spending a bit more add the liner for the perfect look.

12. Coffee Ninja $139

My mom got this for my husband a couple years ago (there are newer versions but I linked to mine) and we love it. I’m sure there’s some “cooler” coffee thing now but we love functional and you can make a full post, half pot, travel mug or more depending on what you need. 

13. Adidas Superstar Sneakers  $80

Okay every person in my family owns these (age 2, 8, 36 and 40) and we all wear them all the time. Buy them in black and white for the man in your life, my husband thinks he’s supes cool in his, and fun colors for the females and kiddos! Click Here to see my 8 year old in his

14. Sephora Gift Card 

There are very few females that don’t love a Sephora gift card whether we’re talking about your friends freshman daughter or your Office Manager. Even I, who didn’t wear makeup in my early teen years, could have found something fun in there. The whole gift card stigma is dated, everyone loves to get what they want and there’s no shame in gifting one!

15. Z Supply Camo Tee $38

Whether you get camo or another color, this brand is the best if you like a lightweight, tissue soft tee. It runs pretty true to size. Click here for a pic of me in one of the five colors I own!

16. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses 

This is a for him gift that never fails. An aviator is always in style and looks good on almost everyone so it’s an easy gift to up any man’s style game and sex appeal. If you don’t believe me you clearly never saw Bradley Cooper wear his in the Hangover.

17. Allie + Oliver Cloud Pajamas $17

Buying clothes for kids can be hard since each set of parents have different taste so these PJ’s nail it because if the parents don’t like them then they never have to see the light of day! They come with white clouds, black or pink (Valentino has black) and they are super soft and cute!

18. Flappy the Elephant  $34

If you’re shopping for a kiddo under two, this will bring a smile to his face! Flappy the Elephant plays peak-a-boo with you and sings songs. Valentino got it last year and is obsessed!

19. Furbo$135

Okay, this is the perfect gift for your dog parent friend. I sent it to one of mine (it hasn’t arrive yet so technically this is not tried and true, although has 4/5 stars on 2200+ Amazon reviews which is just as good) and I cannot wait for her to get it. After all, think of all the money they’ve spent on your silly rugrats over the years, they deserve something ah-mayze this year for their fur babe!

20. Sephora Face Masks$6 

I die for these masks. They’re amazing to have on hand in the winter and a great gift for any hostess , GF or even mom! Just wrap them up cutely, add a bottle or vino and call it a relaxation package! 

 21. Gift Card

A gift card for a night at a hotel or for travel is an amazing gift, whether it goes towards a one night Stay Cation or a flight! This works for a sig other, boss, friend or family member! Or, do the same thing at Ticketmaster for the person who loves sports or shows!



Breo Box is the perfect gift for that guy or gal in your life that loves the hottest tech trends and is all about things that help make busy lives more efficient. I personally love the dowdow (which now helps my 9 year old fall asleep, but also works for adults), the cold brew coffee maker and the heated ice cream scoop. The box is full of things that I didn’t even know about, but now use on a daily basis! It comes it a cool wood box that is totally unique and is great for someone that you’re not exactly sure how to shop for. 


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