Morgan Stewart’s Pink Ruffle Sleeve Dress on Nightly Pop

E! Entertainment Nightly Pop December 17, 2018 Fashion

Morgan Stewart’s pink ruffle sleeve dress on Nightly Pop had the most fun print and ruffles ever! Showing some cleavage which is usually kept away, Morgan looked super hot last night. There was a lot to discuss this week, and I am still super fascinated by all of the Royal drama. It never gets old to me. On the other hand, last year in Palm Springs I was hanging out with a 5 year old from London at the pool and she had no idea who Kate and Meghan were when I asked her. I was like, um, your princess? And I guess maybe a princess just doesn’t mean the same thing to little girls in the UK, but it meant a lot to this little girl, and still does.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Morgan Stewart's Pink Ruffle Sleeve Dress on Nightly Pop

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