Leah McSweeney’s Round Black Wall Mirror In Her Entryway

Real Housewives of New York Season 12 Episode 9 Decor

At first glance, I wasn’t a big fan of Leah McSweeney’s round, black wall mirror in her NYC apartment entryway, but after seeing it again in episode 9, I was converted. Now I’m obsessed. Obsessed with the size, with the black frame, with the shape—I just can’t get enough and it looks so good in Leah’s apartment. She is officially my favorite of the New York Housewives as far as home decor style is concerned.

Leah’s oversized accent mirror is perfect for a space that might not be well lit or is smaller, like an entryway. Large wall mirrors are a great addition to any room because they capture and reflect light, brightening the space it’s in, and making it feel bigger. While Leah’s accent mirror isn’t “Housewives fancy” or encrusted with diamonds, the black bordered mirror still makes a big statement and we know how much our girl Leah likes to make big statements, this one just happens to be cleaner than throwing a ravioli.

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Leah McSweeney's Round Black Wall Mirror In Her Entryway


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