Leah McSweeney’s Vibrating Facial Massager on Instastories

Real Housewives of New York Instagram Beauty 2021

Needless to say when Leah McSweeney shows us a tool she uses to get that flawless complexion of hers, we listen immediately purchase (her rose quartz facial roller was actually one of our top selling beauty products of 2020, click here for a full breakdown). And next up: this vibrating facial massager we recently saw her using on Instastories. 

Apparently the T-shaped “beauty bar” (which contains a 24K gold surface) not only feels great pulsing against the skin, but increases blood circulation to help tighten and de-puff, reduce the appearance of fine lines and allow products to absorb more effectively. And if that could help us get that coveted Leah glow and maybe even delay our 2045 facelift appointment by a bit? Well, needless to say we’re all for it.





Leah McSweeney’s Vibrating Facial Massager

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Photo: @LeahMob