Lindsay Hubbard’s Fish Print Lace Up Bathing Suit

Summer House Season 2 Episode 3 Fashion

She was swimming with the fishes and Lindsay Hubbard’s fish print lace up bathing suit was trouble. I cannot believe how much drama there is off the bat this season, but seems like there’s no love lost between Lindsay and Lauren.

I cannot get over the completely different viewpoint of what happened between Lindsay and Amit. I tend to be on Amit’s side solely because he has an Israeli name and I am from Israel. Literally, no other reason for me to care. But the fact that Lindsay labels their kiss as a makeout sesh and Amit is just like, “no” is hilarious to me. As an attorney who literally just listens to “he said/she said” stories all day, I am finally able to see how that actually happens IRL.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Lindsay Hubbard's Fish Print Lace Up Bathing Suit

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