Lisa Rinna’s Baby Shower Gift for Andy Cohen

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Instagram Fashion January 26, 2019

Okay so my husband wants to kill me because it’s Saturday night and all I want to do is post about alllllll of the Real Housewives outfits up at Andy Cohen’s baby shower tonight and he wants to watch a movie {we’re totally cool, we know}. It was impossible to narrow down which outfit to cover next in the short window before “showtime”, so I figured I’d cover the baby shower gift given by the giver of the most famous baby shower gifter in Housewives history, and life—Lisa Rinna. What could you replace the bunny, you may ask? She has the answer.

While the bunny was iconic when paired with a single tear, but the creator of this super soft, giant unicorn is also iconic {to babies} so it’s a soft treat that comes in every height from small to tall, which makes it a one size can fit all sort of gift. Plus, I totally doubt it will leave Andy, or his baby, crying.

The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Lisa Rinna's Baby Shower Gift for Andy Cohen

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