Lisa Rinna’s Red & Black Printed Wrap Dress with Erika

on Season 6 Episode 10 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Sometimes I have to do some major digging to uncover Real Housewives fashion, like with Lisa Rinna’s black and red scribble wrap dress. I knew I knew the designer, but I just couldn’t find the image easily online. But, I think you’ll be happy I dug on this one, because it will make you feel a little warm and fuzzy about out girl LR, seeing as I found the dress on a 2006 blog. So see ladies, a re-wear is A-OK, and pulling out an old classic doesn’t need to be frowned upon. You know what they say, “Stars, They’re Just Like Us”, aside from the fact that my archives probably include a bit less DVF and a bit more F21.

Lisa Rinna's Red & Black Zig Zag Dress

Lisa Rinna's Red & Black Zig Zag Wrap Dress

Lisa Rinna's Black & Red Zig Zag Wrap Dress

DVF Jeanne Scribble Wrap Dress (Sold Out)

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