I have gotten so many requests for Lisa Vanderpump’s pink polka dot robe with the crystal crown on the back that I am guessing most of you have to be robeless and freezing after your showers! I am more of a sexy, non-functional robe type of girl, so I didn’t have much of an idea of where Lisa’s might be from. But all of your who prefer to have a smart and functional robe are in luck, because it has been found. So while you are warm and cozy and cute in your pink robe, I’ll be over here freezing. And thinking about whether or not I should consider a new robe.

Lisa Vanderpumps Pink Polka Dot Robe with Rhinestone Crystal Crown

Lisa Vanderpump Pink Polka Dot Robe Pink Polka Dot Robe Lisa Vanderpump Polka Dot Robe with Crown on BackPink Polka Dot Robe Available in Multiple Lengths with Custom Rhinestone Applique on Back $208+

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