Lisa Vanderpump’s Tortoise Shell Aviator Sunglasses at the Mini Horse Farm in Ohio

On Season 6 Episode 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The whole scene of Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna going to Ohio to pick up a mini horse was a whole lotta mess. First, the Midwest doesn’t warrant cowboy boots—I always get defensive of the Midwest stereotype, I’ve gotta rep for my people (See: No Shannon Beador, all of us Michigan-born people don’t all sit at home eating potatoes). Second, why would that farm owner have them come all the way out to her farm to sell a horse with issues so the world could see? Business literally pay to be on Bravo shows for marketing…Hope she didn’t spend much on this one. All totally awkward.

And while both things, among others, completely confuse me, I am totally clear the fact that I totally loved Lisa Vanderpumps’ huge havana aviator sunglasses. When all else fails, you can always depend on the ‘wives to save a scene with a pair of fab sunnies like these…

Lisa Vanderpump's Tortoise Shell Aviator Sunglasses

Lisa Vanderpump's Tortoise Shell Aviator Sunglasses

Tom Ford Ace Havana Sunglasses S/O

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