Liza Miller’s Red Floral Top

Younger Season 5 Episode 2 Fashion

It was a party to remember and Liza Miller’s red floral top and white skirt made me want to be there. I’m going on a vacay in a few days (bye guys, see you in July), and this outfit is inspo for what I want to bring. Although lets be honest, Liza’s bod is insane, she’s tall, smiley, and perfect (except for being sort of a liar but whatevs). So everything looks good on her.

Often when I see women in a print or super trendy style, I think that the clothes are wearing them. The big ruffles and sleeves and off the shoulder trends can be a lot of not styled perfectly. Obviously Liza is styled perfectly but the trick is that us normal folks don’t have a stylist. So that’s why we go to TV and movies and mags- for inspiration on how to put it together!


Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Liza Miller's Red Floral Top

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