Liza Miller’s Sequin Dress on Younger

Season 4 Episode 1 Fashion

It’s hard to miss Liza Miller’s sequin dress on Younger. I have to thank Lauren for alerting me about this show. I had not heard of it until Lauren told me about it, which gave me a major binge watching opportunity and I am hooked! Paired with a belt, the iridescent sequin, turtleneck, sleeveless dress that Sutton Foster wore for the party scene was SOOOO pretty.

In fact, it reminded me of a version of my wedding dress. Despite that fact that I am usually in basic black and denim, I chose a dress that looked like Cinderella took her fairy godmother dust and threw up on it. I try not to think about the hand-stitched sequins because I can only imagine a tiny old grandma in some dark room slaving away to make it. I love the dress and how obnoxious it is. As my divorce attorney peers say, you only get married once, especially when it’s to another divorce attorney, so why not ;-).

The designer of Liza’s dress was smart enough to use the fabric on more than just the dress- he made a bomber jacket, a tank top, and other items that are marked down at various stores! I’m really excited to see what else Younger has in store for us, hope you do too!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


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