Liza Miller’s Striped Top

Younger Season 5 Episode 11 Fashion

Ramping up the worldwide book tour, Liza Miller’s striped top German for “cute!” A striped top is always necessary. Worn under a blazer or with simple jeans, something about it just says preppy and put together.

Frauline Liza (that’s Mrs. Liza in German) bravely walked away from Charles last week. Then she walked right back. The wishwashy behavior is akin to the Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor franchise, which I am currently knee deep in watching. It’s my first go at the Bachelorette and Bachelor in paradise. I guess drama truly imitates reality. Liza’s dilemma has gone on for five seasons now. Liza, who gets the final rose girl?!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Liza Miller's Striped Top

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Photo Credit: Younger TV 

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