Angela Amezcua’s Red Ruffle Bikini

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 Episode 5 Fashion

There was no need to sage Angela Amezcua’s red ruffle bikini. Krystal decided, and probably rightfully so, that all the girls needed some sage around them. Around their heads, bodies, and between their legs. Whoa. And I have to say, I sort of agree. They needed a fresh start and fresh is what they got tonight.

With Leo in the mix, there was a little bit more fun on the men’s side. All the ladies started to swoon over him. But Angela sort of stayed to the sidelines and played it safe. Maybe the sage worked on her? The other day my neighbor walked around the whole neighborhood with sage because someone died on the block. I mean, I’ll take whatever help I can get from the sage gods.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Angela Amezcua's Red Ruffle Bikini

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