Liza Miller’s White Dress

Younger Season 5 Episode 8 Fashion

Liza Miller’s white dress was the BC, pure dress. BC being “Before Charles.” Tonight’s episode was HOT and there was nothing pure about it. It seemed like a culmination of all of the buildup and the payoff was definitely felt, probably on set and definitely on screen. If you hear the interviews of the actors, they definitely love talking about this scene. Could you imagine being an actor and having to do something like that? I mean, I dabbled in acting my whole life and when I played Mrs. Corney in Oliver in my high school musical, I had to kiss Mr. Corney at the end of our song and it was SUCH a big deal. It was gross. So basically, I’m just like Liza.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Liza Miller's White Dress

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