Liza Miller’s White Printed Top

Younger Season 5 Episode 4 Fashion

What face do you make when there’s tension in your office and you’re wearing Liza Miller’s white printed top? This one! Liza is dealing with a lot, so why not wear a balloon and fish print situation to ease tensions. A crop top, mock neck print mixed with a totally unmatched striped pant could only work on a few people, and here we have one of them.

After being literally being called a liar by Charles at Diana’s party, Liza is really getting slammed by her friends and coworkers. It seems each season a new person finds out about Liza’s lie, and it has now culminated to the most important character- her lover/boss. Loverboss. Has a cute ring to it but definitely bad implications, which we are seeing play out here!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Liza Miller's White Printed Top

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