A dress with black paneling along the side that creates the illusion of a thinner silhouette and waist?  We all owe fashion Houdini, Stella McCartney, who brought this 10 pound shedding trend to popularity, a round of applause, and all of the money we will save because now we can totally skip Blue Print Cleans-ing our way into Spring.  And maybe she should consider sharing it with Meital B, who is bringing us the look for around $100. And since I am writing this post you should probably send the rest you have left over to Lauren Sebastian c/o BigBlondeHair.com… (What? A girl can try!)

Black and White Faux Leather Colorblock Dress with Stretch

Lauren SebastianStella McCartney Illusion DressFaux White Leather with Black Trim Illusion Dress $109

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