Madison LeCroy’s Pink Cable Knit Sweater / Southern Charm Instagram Fashion October 2023

Madison LeCroy looked adorable for brunch with a ‘fit that had a whole vibe revolving around her cute pink cable knit sweater. Now that we’re in this in-between phase of fall and winter sweaters are great, but sometimes it can still heat up. But that’s when you can do this over-the-shoulder thing, like Madison. Which I think kinda looks chic and you can still fully show off whatever you’re wearing with it! (Like a simple white tank, sunnies, and a trucker hat perhaps?) Either way this whole look combined is just over $100. Meaning we all need to peace out of reading this and head to the links and Style Stealers below.

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Madison LeCroy's Pink Cable Knit Sweater

Photo + Info: @madison.lecroy

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