Madison Prewett’s Mascara

February 11, 2020-

By Lauren

Madison Prewett’s Mascara in Peru

The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 7 Fashion

I spent a loooooong time last night trying to hunt down the mascara we caught a glimpse of Madison Prewett using on those long lashes getting ready for her one on one during last night’s episode of The Bachelor. While I had little luck, BBH’s resident Pinterest expert Shannon uncovered the info and sent it my way. I mean, having this brand identified being used on her insane lashes is such a great, unintentional plug for this affordable makeup brand. And her lashes totally leave me thinking maybe it’s Madi, or maybe it’s Maybelline. I definitely feel it’s my duty to scoop up a tube and find out.


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


Madison Prewett's Mascara

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  1. Michele Watson says

    Thanl you, thank you, thank you for this find! I guess I am not surprised to be the only one who got a glimpse of Madison’s mascara on last night’s The Bachelor episode then rushed to the internet in hopes that someone had cracked the “code ” and found out exactly what brand she uses on those super long, stunning lashes!

  2. Victoria Rupp says

    I have been wanting to know what mascara she uses since the first night!! After having paused the tv on the brief scene of her applying it, and doing my own detective work, I came to the same conclusion!!! Maybeline Lash Stilettos. If only I had googled this first!!! My only question is, I have it now and my eyelashes look nothing like hers!! Wondering if she applies primer?

    • Lauren says

      I feel like she either has great lashes or uses something like Revitalash on that Rodan + Fields lash stuff (which I have used and actually works great if you are consistent). Doesn’t look like lash extensions to me. I use this primer if you are looking for one:

  3. Michelle says

    I am catching up on the bachelor and same pauses it when I seen her applying the mascara! Thanks so much doing research and figuring out which one she used!

  4. Elie says

    Why do I feel like her brush is thicker than the one in the link? 🙁 also the writing looks all red on hers but white and red on the link? What do you think?

    • Lauren says

      I think we are correct if you look at the clip as many times as I did lol. Things look different in stills sometimes but even if you look to the side that’s on towards the bottom it has the all silver writing, think the all red is just the way it looks in the snip. And my mascara brush looks thicker after I’ve used it.


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