Mandy Moore’s Pink Dress on Today

Today Show September 25, 2018 Fashion

We had a request to post about Mandy Moore’s pink dress on Today (well, yesterday), and can’t you see why? This adorable sleeveless sheath with the black collar and and asymmetrical gold button details took me by surprise when I found out the brand- it’s a brand that has been in the news over the last few days which I’m still sort of sorting out. One big fashion house basically ate another, and the match is so missed in my head that it will likely just work because of that. Sometimes two things that can be so off work together so well. The other day I saw a mannequin with a neon green chunky sweater under a brown plaid coat. I loved it and never thought it would have worked. So there you go, take risks, and get major rewards! But lets just hope this fashion house keeps producing such sweet dresses like Mandy Moore’s pink dress she wore on Today. Also, interesting side note, did we know that Mandy is 5’10”?

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Mandy Moore's Pink Dress on Today

Mandy’s Versace Dress is Sold Out

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