Marlo Hampton’s Black Crystal Embellished Mini Dress / Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15 Episode 16 Fashion

Marlo Hampton’s black crystal embellished mini dress with padded shoulders on last night’s finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta looked stunning and familiar. That’s because Kandi Burrus has also worn it in her confessionals this season.

The noticeable difference is that Marlo, who has been known to use a tailor to make her looks unique, made it into an adorable mini dress versus a midi dress which is how it is sold. And though we can’t see the bottom of Kandi’s dress, I have a feeling this is a who wore it better situation and not a who borrowed from who situation. Especially with these two. However, when it comes to these pretty peaches, we think they both wore it best.

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As Seen on Kandi Burrus

Kandi Burruss' Black Crystal Embellished Confessional Look
Marlo Hamptons Black Crystal Embellished Mini Dress

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