For anyone who’s followed my 7 year journey building Big Blonde Hair, you know that, in the words of a wise man named Drake, I “Started from the Bottom now I’m Here”  and this site is like a third child to me. A child that gives me all it’s money, so, like, the perfect child. That being said, I’m pretty much a psychopath in regards to handing over my kids to anyone else’s care, so finding the right person to work with me at Big Blonde Hair was pretty much on that level of insanity. Until I found Sally Steele, or rather she found me with an incredibly witty, well-written email inquiring about Big Blonde Hair entitled “BBH O.M.G Whaaaaaat?” that began with “Lauren. Lauren. At the risk of sounding like a stalker, soul sister would be an understatement here.” And I’ll tell you what, Sally had me at hello.

I cannot even express how excited I am to introduce you to the person who has already started to help me bring you more of the content you love with excitement and enthusiasm that I cannot get enough of, with an amazingly clever writing style to boot. Since many of you have been with the site and I for the long haul, you all need to get to know each other ASAP. So without any further adieu, I’d like to introduce you to the Carole to my Bethenny (I’ll be sure to change this as soon as they have a falling out), Attorney by day and Housewives style stalker by night, Sally Steele—and yes I only hire people with the best names ever.

Q&A with with Big Blonde Hair’s New Contributor Sally Steele

Big Blonde Hair: Where were you born? Sally Steele: Tel Aviv, Israel. Home of the world’s best beaches and hottest women- Gal Gadot (aka Wonder Woman), Bar Rafaeli, Inbar Lavi (Bravo’s newest original series ‘Imposters’ star)!

Current hometown? Chicago (go Cubbies!)

If you were a Real Housewife, which franchise would you fit in best with? New York, but we really need a Chicago franchise.

Bravoleb who would be your bestie if you met IRL? Carole Radziwill on the daily, Kyle Richards after hours. I could also talk shop with Phaedra Parks since I’m also an attorney.

Bravoleb whose closet you’d like to raid? Caroline Stanbury… is there any other option?

Lisa Rinna or Lisa Vanderpump? Rinna’s bod, LVP everything else!

Marry, Shag or Kill: Mauricio Umanksy, PK Kemsley, Ken Todd? Kill PK (duh), shag Ken, Marry Mauricio (I get to shag him that way too, right?)

 Better revenge: Table flip or wine toss? Wine toss, there’s some class to that.

Favorite item in your closet? Maybe the Celine bag my hubby bought me in Rome on our honeymoon.. but I have lots of goodies.

Favorite designer? Right now I think Self-Portrait is making beautiful feminine dresses and I am OBSESSED with everything Gucci is doing, but I’m usually in a shirt and jeans by IRO, Rag and Bone, or Equipment (this assumes you’re asking me when I’m not in a Wilfox sweatshirt and sweatpants, which I am). I’m also a sucker for Louboutins.

Place you’d choose to go on an unlimited shopping spree? Intermix and Bergdorf’s. Can I have both?

Favorite place that you’ve traveled? I LOVE to travel. This might be harder than the favorite closet item. I think Capri is heaven on earth but Tel Aviv, Rome, Cape Town, Dubrovnik and Prague are up there. I’m really indecisive- can you tell?

What’s your Real Housewives tagline? Whoever said blondes have more fun obviously hasn’t met me.

I’m so excited to be working with THE blonde, Lauren, and contributing to this important work in the world of housewives and fashion, my two favorite things! I look forward to Keeping it Real and getting to know you all better!!

And we can’t wait to get to know this brunette better either. Cheers to you Sally (but please don’t toss the champs at me)!