People talk about “investment bags”, and while Meghan Edmonds canvas LV tote in Tahiti may not pop out as that at first, I definitely think a great designer travel bag is something you can use for a really, really long time. So whether you’ve got (or got your eyes on) a Chanel Deauville, a Louis like Meghan, or just a great looking bag you can travel with, I think it’s a must have! You’ll find yourself using it every summer and on vacation to warm weather destinations. As you can tell, I’ve been doing some thinking about mine…

Meghan Edmond’s Canvas Louis Vuitton Tote in Tahiti

Louis Vuitton Globe Trotter Shopper

Louis vuitton canvas tote

Louis Vuitton Globe Trotter Canvas Tote (Limited Edition)

Style Stealer:

Prada Canvas Logo tote

Prada Canvas Logo Tote Available Here at Neiman Marcus

Felt Tote Available Here

Felt Tote Available Here in 4 Colors

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