Megyn Kelly’s Blue and Black Polka Dot Dress

Megyn Kelly Today Show September 26, 2017 Fashion

For her second day at work Megyn Kelly’s blue and black polka dot dress got the job done. This adorable baby blue long sleeve sheath dress with black polka dots looked perfect with her chunky black belt that made her look teeny tiny.

Although I didn’t catch the whole show yesterday and today I finally got to digest it. She talked to the cast of “This is Us” which I have never seen (I know) but everyone absolutely loves. I’m sorry—I just don’t feel like crying when I’m watching TV. Additionally, she introduced us to her cute family and let us into her home and even made a little tasteful Twitter dig.  I’m not crazy about the audience laughter, but as long as she discussed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle I feel good about it. My favorite part is that she used the phrase “Assumes Facts Not In Evidence” when answering the football kneeling controversy question, which is a funny lawyer joke that my hubby and I throw around all the time, as well as making other constant objections to each other. All. The. Time. Overall, she seems engaging and charming yet her intelligence is still present. Also, go Cubs.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Megyn Kelly's Blue and Black Polka Dot Dress

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