Hi there!  I’ve been having a hard time finding any info on a necklace Melissa gorga has been wearing this season on RHONJ as part of one of her interview ensembles. She’s wearing a black deep v-cut top/dress…. And the necklace looks like perhaps tiny pearls? It’s a super long multi-row thin necklace.  It was shown on tonight’s episode several times.

Any help you would be able to give me would be awesome! I follow you on Pinterest and I think u do an amazing job!! Keep it up !! I know it must be tough!

Thanks for your help! Lindsey

Let me tell you Lindsey, flattery and statements like “it must be tough” and “I follow you on Pinterest”  will get you everywhere with me, because I made a special point to find it after this lovely request.

The rest of you, please take note 😉

Melissa Gorga’s 3 Strand Interview Necklace with her Black Top / Dress

Melissa Gorga 3 Strand Necklace

Layered Necklace by Yanina & Co

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