Melissa Gorga’s Silver And Grey Tufted Stools In Her Basement

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 10 Episode 1 Decor

Melissa Gorga’s polished silver and grey tufted dining stools are sleek, sexy, glamorous, and yes, expensive, but of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the Jersey beauty. The eye-catching, modern, t-base stools have a low-back with bucket-style seats and comes in two color scheme options; Melissa’s gray leather with polished silver base combo and a black leather with antique brass base combo. Between the two, I honestly can’t decide which I like better.

Like Melissa’s basement, my house has lots of grey and white found in my hard surfaces as well as furniture. So even though I’m really drawn to the flashy black and brass stool visually, I personally would pick the same as Melissa’s for my countertop dining needs. I love when others decorate outside the box but at home, I tend to play it safe when spending a pretty penny on home furnishing items. Luckily, I found some solid options for style stealers that are much more budget friendly without losing the look we love.

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Melissa Gorga's Silver And Grey Tufted Stools In Her Basement


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