As most of you know I was invited to attend an event at Sugar Dining Den and Social Club on Long Island that featured a  sexy fashion show put on by Meital B. of and a performance of the forever stuck in my head “On Display” by the Hot Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Gorga. While I’ve already posted on what Melissa was wearing, I’m still getting requests for the details on my time at the fabulous event. I’ve been known to over use the term fabulous (ie My Holiday Gift Guide) but sometimes there is just not another way for me to describe something. So here’s a little behind the scenes play-by-play on what it was like to be a VIP of this fabulous event. And how you can totally attend the next one. Models

My Big Blonde Hair and I arrived at Sugar 2 hours prior to fashion show start time to go behind the scenes with Meital B. and event planner Traci Marasco. You know Meital B. because of her work styling celebs, and Traci is an up-and-coming event planner who has been a paralegal for 10 years – They were a lethal combo. As a devoted Housewives fan, Traci was a shoe-in to plan the event, and she did a fantastic job. And it was a total treat to watch Meital work her magic styling the models in the back. I Loved (yes, that’s a capital L) being behind the curtain to see it all happen … And I knew that I was where I meant to be when all of the girls had extensions, spray tans and I spotted a pair of white fluffy boots ala Traci DiMarco. Owner Meital Benaroya & Event Planner Traci Marasco
Lauren Sebastian
My Hubby Mark Sebastian & I

The venue, Sugar, was ah-may-zing. Gorgeous interior design, posh atmosphere and an amazing chef. I was impressed, especially by the latter.  Living in Chicago I am super picky about food (just to re-inforce the stereotype that all Midwesterners do is sit on their fat booties and chomp on transfat all day) and to be honest I am often disappointed by food I get in New York. Sugar was a total exception. Their small plates were amazing, and I’d highly recommend the spot to anyone.

Sugar Long Island

While eating, I got a fab view of the fashion show from our roped off VIP status booth, with security (okay the security was for Melissa, who’s booth was right next to ours, but let me feel important, alright?) which I definitely wasn’t complaining about. We all know that I’m an avid shopper (outside of the fact that they are a blog sponsor) so I was in love with a lot of looks I saw during the fashion show. The models were GORG thanks to genetics, diet, the gym AND  Sultry Cosmetics who did their makeup and Salon Beyond who gave them fab Housewives-worthy hair. I may have snuck in line and got my awesome curls done as well, and if you can make me happy with my Big Blonde Hair you’re golden in my book.

Model Daniella Murphy Fashion Show

After the fashion show, Melissa performed “On Display” and she was on fire. I know people hate on Housewives that try to sing, but she looked super hot and was definitely meant to be on stage. She was absolutely gorgeous in person and I loved watching her. The energy in the place was insane!  Regardless of whether you like the song or not, there is no denying she has charisma on stage and looks like an absolute doll in person.

Melissa Gorga Performs at Sugar Long Island
Melissa and Joe Gorga at Sugar Long Island 
Melissa and Joe Gorga at Sugar Long Island

My grade for the event – A+.  My night further reaffirmed my idea that I was mistakenly planted in the Midwest and I need to be out with all of my big hair-ed, sexy dress wearing, Housewives-loving friends in New York and Jersey. Thank you Meital B., Traci Marasco and Sugar Long Island for the great time.

If you think this looked fab, rumor is there is another event coming up in Spring 2012. Even if you’re not normally in NY, grab your girls, it’s definitely worth the trip and would make for a fab girls trip. Check back for more details!

Thanks to Paul Prince Photography for providing the photos of the event.


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