Melissa Gorga’s White Holiday Dress

July 17, 2011-

By Lauren

Props to Melissa for rocking a gorgeous white dress to her Holiday party…Lets just hope the table stays put, for the sake of fashion.

Melissa Gorgas’s White Chain Link Crystal Dress

Styled by Meital B of

Mandalay White Chain Dress
Melissa Gorga Christmas Eve DressMandalay Chain Link Dress $1351.20

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  1. Angela says

    Any idea where Melissa’s gray leopard shirt with the turquoise trim is from? She was wearing during last nights episode while decorating the xmas tree. Love it! Want it! 🙂

  2. eloise says

    Yes! As Angela said..I’ve been looking all over and cannot located the leopard shirt with turquoise trim! I’m in love with it please help!

    • Lauren says

      I haven’t been able to find it ANYWHERE – But as you can see, sometimes I find things months later as I’m searching for something else. I will keep my eyes open. It looks like Charlotte Tarantola to me but I can’t say for sure,

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